We are a non-profit healthcare foundation formed to serve patients with irritable bowel syndrome. An estimated 700 million people are adversely affected by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), that is one out of every ten people in the world. However, given the social taboos around bowel functions, people don’t speak about it, and doctors don’t take it seriously enough, making this a silent pandemic. We are dedicated to finding cures and improving quality of life of people affected by IBS.

Accelerating Drug Development

The treatment of IBS is multi-faceted, but a key aspect is use of antimicrobials like Rifaximin and Neomycin. These drugs have a low success rate of 35% in improving symptoms, and a high relapse rate of 44% within a few months. We need better drugs that can help restore the gut microbiome the way it is supposed to be. The Gut Warriors foundation is working with several leading-edge antimicrobial researchers to make this happen.

Improving Quality of Life

While there is no guaranteed cure for IBS, we provide resources on diet, drugs, supplements, and lifestyle to maximize quality of life of IBS patients. We aim to foster a vibrant online community, so nobody feels alone fighting this disease.