Who are The Gut Warriors?

Sammi Zajko

Sammi Zajko is owner of Fermenting Australia and is a wild and daring Fermentation Revivalist. She is also a workshop facilitator, presenter, nutritional researcher, foodie, wild weed forager and solo-mum. She is based on the Central Coast of NSW and runs Fermenting Workshops all over Regional NSW, as well as Sydney, Melbourne and QLD. Sammi has run workshops in NSW since 2013 and has guest presented at a number of high-profile events and expos. She toured QLD with sell-out workshops in 2014 and 2017.

Sammi shares her wisdom of a culmination of over a decade of fermenting , a background in nutrition and natural health, and a passion for fermented foods!

Sammi is excited to bring her sense of fun and unique, accessible style of fermenting to you.

Sammi is mum to her amazing eight year old, Jem who is a potent reminder of the importance of high quality, nutrient dense and fermented foods in the family diet. Jem’s favourite fermented food is lacto-fermented pickles and he describes himself as a “cheeky fermenter!” He is also her continued inspiration for living sustainably and treading softly on the Earth. She believes that we have borrowed this Earth from our children and her life and business reflects that philosophy

"My passion is to support people in becoming confident to connect with their food in a way that makes them feel vibrantly healthy everyday. There is so much focus and fear around 'what not to eat' so my mission is to empower people to gain the confidence to see food for all that it is: life, nourishment, connection, community and culture".

A specialised Gravity Colonics Colon Therapist, Health Mentor, Public Speaker and Healthy Inside Out Workshop creator and facilitator, Jaya has been educating her community and beyond since 2013 after her family was devastated by Cancer. Through self education and personal experience, Jaya has built workshops for schools and workplaces to ensure her message is loud and clear - "We must pay attention to what we are putting in our bodies and to understand that what we look like outwardly may not always be a reflection of our internal health". Jaya's style of speaking is why she is often sought after - funny, vibrant, intelligent and incredibly honest! Jaya is also mother to her beautiful daughter Rydah who also gets to experience her mummy's wonderful world of colon cleansing, nutritious foods and healthy habits. She is also a passionate Earth Warrior and Maori woman who feels called to help change the health of those in low socio economic areas.

"Whilst it's extremely important we focus on gut health through nutrition and healing protocols and modalities, so many people are forgetting that what comes out is pertinent as I see kilos of toxic waste come out of people every single day. Eliminating is such a natural process for every single species on this planet yet us humans bury the subject with awkwardness and embarassment. Constipation can, and will ruin a persons life both physically and mentally so I want to encourage individuals to speak openly and normally about their bowels plus give them the best advice on how to improve their poo!"

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